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The Michigan/Harbaugh Hysteria Is Out of Control

The absolute hysteria by rival fan bases and the national media is out of control and beyond embarrassing. What you are experiencing now are the stages of grief for rival fan bases and a national media that is clueless and unfamiliar with who Jim Harbaugh is as a human.

Look, I understand rival fan bases trying to negatively rabble-rouse Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan program.  It’s been a rough couple years for rival programs as Michigan has run roughshod over the B1G.  I get it, they are pissed about Michigan winning if you are Ohio State and Sparty and the rest of the B1G.  It is much easier to attempt to get Michigan canceled than to elevate your own program and to beat them on the field.

The media is another story, but that agenda is driven by dollars and personal animosity.  The advertising model for “journalists” and writers is dead, these outlets are all driven almost exclusively by clicks to get paid.  Google can be very profitable to web sites that gather millions of clicks and Michigan and Harbaugh are the gold standard for clicks and page views, which should help you understand why they are continually sensationalizing, regurgitating and outright fabricating story arcs that appear to not even exist.  This ain’t your father’s journalism and folks need to learn to see it for what it is, a blatant money grab and in some cases personal agenda’s to keep writers employed.  I’d tell you to subscribe to the local guys but they are all mostly the same.  Get your Michigan info from guys who have nothing to gain.  I’d caution you to read every breathless tweet or article about Michigan’s impending demise with a heavy does of skepticism.  Also, never trust the national writers when they are the ones who told you repeatedly Harbaugh was NEVER coming to Michigan in the first place and just last week said his contract offer was rescinded, which it wasn’t.  The careless and sloppy work being done by these guys is all so they can eat….DO NOT KID YOURSELF.  The only mission is to keep YOU and RIVALS clicking, they are preying on your insecurities about the investigation.  Resist the urge to click and a lot for these guys will be coding in a year.

I can tell you that Michigan is largely unconcerned about the issues with Connor Stalions.  Some may privately tell you they are pissed that Stalions put the team in this position but most see it as a distraction and not something that rises to the level of the hysteria the media is attempting to capitalize on, maybe Connor Stalions did go rouge but there is no vast network of spies, Harbaugh didn’t direct it and Michigan didn’t pay for it.  These are all things that petty rival social media accounts want you to believe.  How many times can “SpartanDaddy” or “Big Buckeye momma” tweet that “Michigan is done?”  This is all hysteria designed to turn folks against the program and I’m not so sure Michigan social media wouldn’t do the same if the show was on the other foot, it’s just how things are in 2023.

Since Harbaugh arrived in Ann Arbor, there is one thing I do know and have observed in spades, Harbaugh is a man of high integrity and incredible character despite what “Big Buckeye Momma” on X (formerly twitter) claims.  He’s been a solid citizen and a great mentor since he first stepped foot on campus in Ann Arbor in the 80’s.  You should be comfortable enough with him now to know he isn’t intentionally cheating and he certainly isn’t lying about anything going on inside his program.  He isn’t perfect, he’s just a bit odd and that makes many who don’t know or understand his personality uncomfortable.  Face it, he’s awkward.

The latest rumor is B1G coaches want Michigan sanctioned immediately, um, that’s not how this works.  These hypocrites who say they are all about the players want to punish the Michigan players without even knowing what happened?  Complete garbage.  Hell, OSU and Sparty all knew Michigan had their signals (legally) and still got wasted by the Wolverines on the field. The hypocrisy and childishness is embarrassing.  Michigan took their lumps in Rich Rob and Brady Hoke, it’s time for the rest of the B1G to take ’em now.

At this point, with the available information, you can be sure when all is said and done, Michigan didn’t institutionalize stealing signals and at best Stalion found a huge loophole in the NCAA bylaws and drove a truck through it and at worst these were a minor violation of the spirit of the bylaw.  Nothing worthy of canceling eligibility of the team for the playoff, nothing worthy of firing the head coach and certainly nothing asterisk worthy.  It’s only Sparty and OSU clutching pearls.  In the end Michigan will likely get a stern talking too and they NCAA will clear up and update these outdated bylaws with grey areas and we will all move on with play on the field.

Ultimately, the Harbaugh family’s integrity will be Michigan’s safe harbor.

Until then, the rest of the B1G, mostly Sparty and OSU will continue to have the greatest hissy fit of all time.



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