PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 7-12-2024

    Have you heard of the “Euthanasia Roller Coaster?” It’s real and it sounds like a good way to go out. Virginia says no more cell phones in schools.  What too so long? Turns out that zyn pouches are bad for you. Maybe you should give up the zynacchino

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 7-8-24

Gregg’s wife made an inappropriate comment at dinner in Grand Rapids Friday night. Hawk Tuah girl (Hailey Welch) has officially become annoying.  Hear her latest social media video.  I may make you dislike her! Travis got hit on the leg on the golf course this weekend, did he react appropriately?  He got a call trashing him […]

Michelle & Gregg with Travis 7-2-24

Gregg and Travis discuss the Supreme Court Fallout from the Immunity discussion and the Hawk Tuah girl finally speaks.  We get to the truth about her and what is next. If you enjoy the show, please consider subscribing and leaving a review and following us on Twitter and Facebook. 0     

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 6-27

Travis has been with his wife for 10 years today.  We discuss how things are going after all these years.  Does Travis need to go overboard on a present?  Should there be a party. What advice would you give to your 30 year old self? The debate is tonight, what are the expectations?  Are you […]

Michelle & Gregg with Travis 6-24-24

In this episode: Gregg almost fight’s at the grocery store and Travis mixes it up on the golf course! What the hell is “boysober?” What is the ideal temperature to set your house? Would you pump your schnutz for 15k? For more Michelle & Gregg with Travis content, check out the show page at WLAV.COM […]

Michelle & Gregg with Travis 6-20-2024

In This Episode: What did we all do with a middle of the week day off…? Gregg went to the beach, Travis worked on some brick work as a side gig. Why are people acting like it’s THAT hot.  It’s summer! Why do we celebrate the summer solstice? Do we need trigger warnings on TV […]

Michelle and Gregg with Travis 6-17-2024

In this episode: Gregg discusses his Father’s Day and what his wife got for the holiday. Travis was walking around his house naked when Michelle stopped over. The sperminator explained.  

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 6-11-24

In this episode: Michelle’s dog got bitten by something…a bee?  A snake?  Will the dog live? Sports with Travis Michelle got caught again ripping ass on the air, is she a swine?  

Michelle & Gregg With Travis 6-3-2024

In Today’s Epidose: A teacher was caught taking lewd picture in her classroom.  The press conference was better than the crime. Caitlin Clark is being bullied in the WNBA.  The stuff we choose to fight over!  

Michelle & Gregg With Travis 5-28-24

In this episode…. We read Travis’s 10 year old facebook posts. In sports, Bill Walton teaches us about the “honey hole.” A Wheel of Fortune contestant gives a legendaryu answer, but it wasn’t the first outstanding game show answer. Why was the Memorial Day opening movie weekend so terrible.