PODCAST: Gregg’s FIll-in Today on WRVA in Richmond!

No clue where Michelle disappeared to, but here is my show today from a fill-in stint on WRVA in Richmond. Gregg talks about what is really wrong in the country right now and the curious case of a raped 10 year old that Biden keeps pushing to further his pro abortion agenda.  

Gregg & Michelle Podcast #43

Gregg & Michelle probe deep into the the Will Smith “slap.” They also discuss The Lions on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and The NFL Draft in Detroit.    

Everything You Need To Know About Biden’s War On Domestic Oil Production

If you are interested in how oil leases work and how the Biden Administration is standing in the way of US production, check out these links, it’s the stuff you will not hear in the MSM. Some highlights. ​Many leases are held up in litigation by environmental groups. Western Energy Alliance is in court defending […]

This Week In Koomla Harris

It was a truly disastrously bad week for VP Kamala Harris as she was shipped to Poland to “help” with the Ukrainian situation. Just take a look at these cringy moments on the world state for Kamala.  Ouch.     REPORTER: “How long should Americans expect — how long should we be bracing for — […]

Juwan Howard And The Respect Dilema!

There has to be a name for it, if there is I don’t know what it is, but Juwan Howard is a victim of the insecure male “respect” fallacy. Juwan Howard isn’t an angry “black” man.  I don’t think he’s angry at all, I think he’s a victim of the tired “give me my respect” […]

My Thoughts On Harbaugh

The truth is, NOBODY knows what is happening with Jim Harbaugh at Michigan.  Here are some thoughts and inside info that I have been able to gather. I believe we are dealing with a wounded Head Coach who was treated poorly by Michigan last year and may be looking for an ounce of revenge.  Not […]