Michelle and Gregg with Travis 6-17-2024

In this episode: Gregg discusses his Father’s Day and what his wife got for the holiday. Travis was walking around his house naked when Michelle stopped over. The sperminator explained.  

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 6-11-24

In this episode: Michelle’s dog got bitten by something…a bee?  A snake?  Will the dog live? Sports with Travis Michelle got caught again ripping ass on the air, is she a swine?  

Michelle & Gregg With Travis 6-3-2024

In Today’s Epidose: A teacher was caught taking lewd picture in her classroom.  The press conference was better than the crime. Caitlin Clark is being bullied in the WNBA.  The stuff we choose to fight over!  

Michelle & Gregg With Travis 5-28-24

In this episode…. We read Travis’s 10 year old facebook posts. In sports, Bill Walton teaches us about the “honey hole.” A Wheel of Fortune contestant gives a legendaryu answer, but it wasn’t the first outstanding game show answer. Why was the Memorial Day opening movie weekend so terrible.  

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 5-20-2024

In this edition: P. Diddy apologizes for the video of him abusing his former girlfriend Scottie Schleffler talks about his arrest in Louisville before the PGA Gregg crushed Deanna in “The 5 Second Rule” and gives her the tickets.

WLAV After Show Sports Podcast! 4-18-2024

Today Gregg & Travis discuss the end of the Red Wings season, why it happened and what should happen next. They also discuss where the Tigers are at this point in the season and if it can or will get better.  

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg With Travis! April 11, 2024

Gregg talks with Ivan from stubforge.com about his new business that recreates and customizes old ticket stubs.  So, if you are a sports fan, a concert fan or looking for a cool gift check ’em out.   We also chatted with 4 time Stanley Cup champion Darrin McCarty about the Wings stretch run to the playoffs!  

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis. Monday, April 8, 2024

Today on the show: We play the game for tickets to Styx.  This was a train wreck. Sports!  Iowa loses the NCAA women’s basketball championship Gregg’s running for HOA board in his new neighborhood.  Let’s hear his platform. Gregg had a woman criticize Michelle at the dog park.  Gregg wasn’t havin’ it.

PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle With Travis 3-28-24

Gregg & Michelle Thursday, March 28, 2024 On Today’s Show: -Brian Vander Ark from The Verve Pipe joins the show. -Sports – It’s Opening Day -Walmart and other retailers are using drones to delivier your packages. -Childhood shows you watched. -Gregg ruins Michelle’s favorite childhood book. Please subscribe to the show and leave a review. […]