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Xavier Worthy Is A Symptom Of The Problem At Michigan

I’ve been trying to explain for years why Harbaugh and Michigan are stuck in neutral.


Under Harbaugh they have been repeatedly hamstrung by the administration at Michigan because they will not do what it takes to win at “big time” college football.

Xavier Worthy was yet another victim of an admissions office that is simply not interested in taking borderline qualifiers, they simply won’t do it even though they claim to be an ultra “woke” university.   It seems to be a no-brainer to give this kid an opportunity to excel at football and in the classroom, but they don’t seem interested in helping students who aren’t the typical high academic achievers.  Why not take a chance on a kid, if he can’t cut it, you let him go.  Instead he’s seen as a number on a spread sheet and told no thanks.

This realization is evident throughout the program and it’s obvious, again, that Michigan isn’t willing to do what Ohio State and others are doing to win.

Sad, but the glory days are over.

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