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Great Youtube Channels I’m addicted too.

As we discussed on the latest podcast, I’m tapped out on streaming shows on all the services so I have turned my attention to YouTube channels of people who live in their cars and vans.

I don’t know why but I am fascinated with this sub-genre of people, they all have interesting stories and it keeps me more interested than most B rate streaming shows.

If you are interested in this type of thing, check out these shows on Youtube, I’m sure you will enjoy.

VanCity Van Life

This is a channel about a Canadian dude who roams western Canada in his tricked out van with his bulldog Cruz.  He’s an interesting guy.  Here is a link to his latest video.

Foresty Forest

Another Canadian dude who built his own van and used it to camp out in the winter while climbing mountains in British Columbia.  Check it out, spectacular views!

Unstoppable Morgan

This channel is good too,  Morgan lives in her Bronco with multiple dogs, warning, she is a bit emotional but she has a good story.

I’ll post more great channels as I find them online.


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