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What Is Harbaugh Doing?

I have no idea what Jimmy is doing.  He is under contract for the next few seasons, but we all know contracts are useless.

My belief, according to those in the athletic department is that Harbaugh will return and sign a new contract.

The Raiders gig appears off the table and other NFL teams are already interviewing other candidates as they aren’t willing to give up total control to any coach.

Apparently Harbaugh and Athletic Director Warde Manuel had a semi-heated discussion as to why Jim hadn’t signed his contract and Warde said “the fans are going to turn on you.”

Harbaugh responded “they already did.”

Harbaugh also said “they wanted me gone last year, what’s the hurry for me to sign.”

The Michigan Head Coach isn’t wrong at all, nobody was begging him to sigh a year ago and now that he’s beaten OSU and won the B1G title everybody is all in on the Harbaugh train.

Look, I don’t think he’s going anywhere, but an NIL department and transfer changes are a key to his return.  His salary is important as he should make substantially more than mediocre Mel at Sparty and Franklin at PSU but it isn’t his goal.

He is simply asking for an NIL department that Michigan establishes and a fighting chance at the transfer portal.  I believe he has received these assurances.

He talked to Mark Davis, but the job isn’t open and likely won’t open after the Raiders dramatic playoff run.  It appears off the table.

At this point, I’m told Harbaugh is playing around as he felt the fan base treated him like shit last year.  He’s a competitive guy who wants respect more than money.

He is staying, but he’s gonna make you beg and the fan base deserves it.

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