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My Thoughts On Harbaugh

The truth is, NOBODY knows what is happening with Jim Harbaugh at Michigan.  Here are some thoughts and inside info that I have been able to gather.

I believe we are dealing with a wounded Head Coach who was treated poorly by Michigan last year and may be looking for an ounce of revenge.  Not sure that is the right word but it is all I can come up with at the moment.

He was humiliated by Athletic Director Warde Manuel in the offseason, he was asked to take a 50% pay cut after his one bad season and likely feels shit on by the fan base.  If he is petulant, he will stick it to you and the University and leave, if he is smart he will get his revenge and stay at Michigan.

I’m amused that Michigan fans ever take the NFL media seriously as they have gotten nothing, not one thing right about Harbaugh in the last 7 years.  It’s maddening that they can continue to be this wrong and people still believe their baloney.

I believe past actions prove that Jim Harbaugh is a man of high integrity, he’s proven that time and time again in all his interactions with the University, the 49ers and others since he started his coaching career.  He wouldn’t even talk to Michigan until the Niners let him go in his final season in San Francisco.  Why would he all of a sudden be an Urban Meyer type sleeze bag?  It simply isn’t in Habaugh’s DNA.

I can’t sit here and tell you one way or the other if he’s staying or leaving but none of this makes sense, why would he do this?  He can go to the NFL at any time, they would love to have him.

However, I just heard from a former player who is plugged in that maybe Harbaugh has run his course in Ann Arbor, but he didn’t want to say 100%.  But, I will say this guy said some stuff that would give me great optimism even if Harbaugh left.  The guy indicated that maybe there is a divide between Warde and Harbaugh that is too much to overcome.  He doesn’t claim inside information but he does talk to NFL folks.

I will tell you that Michigan told Harbaugh to either commit to Michigan or sign with an NFL team, he was asked to not go on the NFL hiring circuit because it was a bad look for Michigan which could make his interview with the Vikings untenable.  A source said “he might as well not come back.”  League executives are shocked he even took the Minnesota interview.  Maybe a line has been crossed and reconciliation is impossible at this point.

Parents of Michigan players just want resolution so they can move forward.  They are frustrated and feel like this is all causing chaos. This is all a very, very bad look for Harbaugh and the institution.

So, here we are, with a Head Coach apparently lowering himself to interview with a bad NFL team while his alma mater waits….maybe Harbaugh is done in A2.

I’ll leave this post open to add info as I hear it.


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