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Stoney Calling it Quits!? Hmmmmm…..

This morning Michael Stone called it quits as the fulltime Morning Show host on WXYT in Detroit.  As part of the Stoney and Jansen show Stoney has had a long career in Detroit.  Stoney is a good guy, but I’m not buying the fact that this was “mutual.” Stoney works for a company that is nearing bankruptcy and has been systematically cutting high cost talent over the last few years and replacing them with younger, much cheaper Air Personalities.

Radio is changing, trust me when I tell you this wasn’t “mutual,” it may have been amicable but it wasn’t “mutual”  This was a negotiated buyout for a company that is desperately trying to avoid bankruptcy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Wojo was next, they don’t need him and aren’t likely to continue to pay him a full-time salary for part-time work.

Valenti is likely not in danger as he is the rating and revenue king at 97.1 The Ticket.

Look for Jim Costa to replace Stoney in AM Drive.  He wasn’t hire to be  part time fill-in, it’s not even a question of who moves into that slot.

I worked for this company until December 2022 and I have seen this “downsizing” up close, it’s been happening quietly all across the country for over a year.

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