Gregg Henson

Life is hard, get a helmet

Gregg & Michelle Podcast #32

Gregg and Michelle discuss the death of Alex Trebek.

Michelle joins Gregg in the love of Yacht Rock and the Yacht Rock star that they have met.

Pfizer has Corona virus vaccine.

The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit.

What’s going on with Michigan football and how does the Harbaugh tenure shake out?

Matt Patrica is Belichick’s paint boy!

Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame really just the Music Hall of Fame.

Who’s butt would Michelle lick?

Some of our friends were let go in the Iheart reduction in force, it sucks!


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“Moronic 2022”

By actual popular request, here is the 1990’s smash hit, Moronic. Enjoy, the song epitomizes the ineptitude of the Detroit Lions for almost 70 years!

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Gregg Henson