PODCAST: Gregg & Michelle Episode #31

Gregg and Michelle discuss the first Biden v. Trump debate. Is the China Virus over? While Michelle is binge eating and watching Netflix, Gregg is now binge watching Youtube video of people who live in their cars! Gregg lost 17 pounds and reversed his type 2 diabeeeetus. Lap it up! If you like the show, […]

Gregg & Michelle Podcast #27

Gregg and Michelle talk COVID-19 and the violent protests across the country. Michelle almost killed her rescue dog.

Gregg & Michelle Podcast #28

Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:¬†https://podcorn.com/podcasters/ Today on the show Gregg and Michelle discuss: -The new mask requirement in Michigan. -Stop mask shaming people and mind your own business -Will we get College Football in the fall, Is baseball’s 60 game […]

Gregg & Michelle Podcast #29

Gregg got a big surprise when he opened Michelle’s camera to record the show and it was Victor in a wig.¬† Michelle was having internet issues so Victor pinch hit for Marge. They guys talked about Politics, the riots and sports among other things.