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MIchigan Football Is Not Getting Sanctioned By The B1G Again This Week….or Ever.

I ran across this post today and just couldn’t let it slid.  This is a false, made up report from a non-credible website.  There is nothing else coming from the B1G.  The NCAA will simply wrap up its investigation and level any penalties they deem necessary, which likely won’t be a big deal.  I wouldn’t expect anything from the NCAA for a couple of years and I certainly don’t think any wins will be vacated.  Vacating wins is stupid, the games were played and acting like they weren’t is a lesson in futility.

This is just a reminder to follow the folks around the program who are actual Journalists who do the work and are trained to track stories.  You know who I am talking about, fan boi blogs are not credible and are the equivalent of the old Weekly World News.  Make it stop.  This whole story is wildly overblown and will likely begin to disappear now that Michigan has validated the last three years by beating Ohio State.

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Gregg Henson

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