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Why Did Dylan McCaffrey REALLY Leave Michigan!

I’m not sure why Michigan Quarterback Dylan McCaffrey ultimately decided to leave Michigan, but it doesn’t make much sense.

I think many Michigan insiders are perplexed as to why Joe Milton is rumored to be the starting QB, there is nothing in Milton’s limited playing time to suggest that he would come in and all of a sudden make a move to be the clear cut number one in Ann Arbor. He was McCaffrey’s backup for two years, now he’s the clear cut starter?  I’m not sure I’m buying it.  Milton is 6-11 for 157 yards and a 54% completion percentage along with 1 TD and 2 INTS.  Not exactly mop up numbers that would make anybody believe he was the second coming at QB.

I’m convinced there is something else at play here as 3 weeks ago McCaffrey and his family were protesting the University for the players right to compete in 2020.  Why the sudden change of heart?

It’s obvious that OC Josh Gattis had a heavy influence on this decision as it isn’t in Harbaugh’s DNA to pick a young, less experiences player over an upper classman.

Something happened, something changed quickly.  I’ll dig around to see what really happened!


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