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What’s Up With Jim Harbaugh?

There has been a lot of Jim Harbaugh slander on social media since “The Athletics” Bruce Feldman posted that he might be, could be, may be returning to the NFL.

I think it is largely ridiculous.  I’m not saying Harbaugh isn’t playing grab ass with the NFL, but I do know enough people within his orbit who think this is mostly nothing.

One of two things is happening and I’m not sure which one is the answer.

One, Jim isn’t happy with the direction of the football program’s NIL and may have been given promises after last year’s dance with the Vikings.  He is likely giving Michigan’s new President the opportunity to fix NIL and other issues that effect the program like transfer credits, etc.  Clearly much of what was promised last year when Harbaugh informed Athletic Director Warde Manuel that “this wasn’t going to happen every year” hasn’t transpired.  In short, he’s not happy with the school and is going to take another stab at fixing the schools issues.  If he does stay and the University doesn’t deliver, he would be better off leaving after the 2023 season with the potential departures of JJ McCarthy and Donovan Edwards.  He’s likely returning a top 5 team with an experienced QB.

The other issue may simply be Jim Harbaugh seeking a fair contract that reflects his true value to the University of Michigan.  He’s got the program rolling and this is a perfect time to put the University’s commitment to the test.

I firmly believe and I am told by many the “scratch the NFL itch” and “covets Super Bowl” stuff is largely nonsense.  This may simply be Harbaugh letting their agents do their job.

I expect Harbaugh to be back at Michigan in 2023.



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