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The New Michelle and Gregg Show on WLAV in Grand Rapids

I have finally made the move back home to Michigan.  Last week I started a new show with my old partner Michelle McKormick on WLAV in Grand Rapids.  If you know the history, Michelle and I had a highly successful run at WKRK before we were let go when Howard left and WKRK went in a new direction.

In that time Michelle returned to Grand Rapids and I embarked on my grand tour of the US to cities like Dallas, Philadelphia, Austin, Pittsburgh and Richmond.

I’m excited to join the show with Michelle and Travis and look forward to a long and successful run at the legendary WLAV.  You can listen to the show on Iheart radio or here at WLAV.  Hope you can listen and enjoy the show.

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“Moronic 2022”

By actual popular request, here is the 1990’s smash hit, Moronic. Enjoy, the song epitomizes the ineptitude of the Detroit Lions for almost 70 years!

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Gregg Henson

Radio Host formerly of WDFN, WXYT, WKRK, KVET,WOWO, KRLD, WPEN, WBGG.  Currently on the air in Richmond, VA

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Gregg Henson