The Time Keith Olbermann Mentioned Me!

I don’t like Keith Olbermann at all, he’s an unhinged asshole and it isn’t up for debate. He did, however mention me on his MSNBC “Countdown” show in July of 2004. “No. 3:  Mr. Gregg Henson of Birmingham, Michigan.  E-Bay stopped his auction, but not before it had risen to $102.50.  Mr. Henson was selling […]

PODCAST: Gregg’s FIll-in Today on WRVA in Richmond!

No clue where Michelle disappeared to, but here is my show today from a fill-in stint on WRVA in Richmond. Gregg talks about what is really wrong in the country right now and the curious case of a raped 10 year old that Biden keeps pushing to further his pro abortion agenda.  

This Week In Koomla Harris

It was a truly disastrously bad week for VP Kamala Harris as she was shipped to Poland to “help” with the Ukrainian situation. Just take a look at these cringy moments on the world state for Kamala.  Ouch.     REPORTER: “How long should Americans expect — how long should we be bracing for — […]

Gregg & Michelle Show #34

In this episode Gregg and Michelle discuss Ted Cruz and the Texas Snowstorm, Rush Limbaugh’s death and how it effects radio as well as his legacy.  Watch it here or listen on Apple podcasts or you can click below.  

VIDEO: Fox’s News Reports Has Meltdown Over Trump Twitter!

Dear sweet mother this is delicious! Of course twitter always wins!   Watch as Fox News’s phony John Roberts has a total meltdown 👇 — Jews For Trump (@jewsfortrump) October 1, 2020 Actually footage of John Roberts after his tv meltdown! — Tiffany (@tiff706) October 1, 2020

Segregation is Back In Style at U of M.

The University of Michigan has become an embarrassment. Forget the stupid decision to cancel the football season to make a political statement and to attempt to swing the Presidential election.  Don’t mention the GA’s are striking because they don’t want to teach under the ridiculous pandemic protocols and try not to think about the RA […]