PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg 7-9-2024

Gregg got a free weed and feed from Tru Green for the second time in a week. Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is out and Gregg has his review of the Eddie Murphy classic and the new episode. Gregg’s wife and mother in-law cleaned out his son, Cooper’s disgusting bedroom.  Find out what they found.  […]

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 7-8-24

Gregg’s wife made an inappropriate comment at dinner in Grand Rapids Friday night. Hawk Tuah girl (Hailey Welch) has officially become annoying.  Hear her latest social media video.  I may make you dislike her! Travis got hit on the leg on the golf course this weekend, did he react appropriately?  He got a call trashing him […]