PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis 12-4-2023

Gregg and his kids road trip to the B1G Championship game. Travis visits the Christmas tree lighting in downtown Grand Rapids Gregg is going to take care of his brother after his surgery. Warren Zeiders sings the National Anthem.  We all saw his egg plant.

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg With Travis 11-30-23

On Today’s Show: Michelle and Gregg with Travis read nominations for the Holiday Home Invasion. Travis does the sports and says Donovan Edwards was “buzzed” at the Pistons game. Johnny Kane is a slap nut What the hell is a Sooner? Check out the show at WLAV.COM.

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis: 11-29-2023

It’s damn cold in West Michigan today! Was Corey Perry released by the Chicago BlackHawks for sleeping with Rookie phenom Connor Bedard’s mom? Everybody had a hot mom in their childhood friend group. We had a caller explain how he got mom and grandma  

PODCAST: Michelle & Gregg with Travis: Tuesday 11-28

It’s Michelle’s birthday! She’s going everywhere for free stuff. Is Travis “experience shaming” Gregg and his kids for going to the B1G Championship game and not the CFP? If you enjoy the show, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a rating.  

PODCAST: Michelle and Gregg With Travis 6 a.m. Hour 11-8

Gregg and Michelle with Travis discuss: The elections and why Michelle decided she didn’t care about voting. Michelle didn’t vote for kids to get free lunch What happens when Michelle doesn’t show up to vote Sports with Travis, one Michigan basketball team didn’t lose to a mid-major Michelle is now part of an age old […]

PODCAST: Michelle and Gregg with Travis FULL SHOW (4-21-2023)

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