WJR’s Frank Beckmann Apologizes For Detroit News Column!

FrankYesterday I gave you the heads up regarding a column written Friday by WJR’s Frank Beckmann; well today Frank was forced to apologize for that column, likely under pressure from the University of Michigan.

Beckmann posted his apology on the Detroit News website today claiming a “friend” explained to him how misguided he was when he claimed we should all have thicker skin.

I saw this one coming a mile away because I’ve seen it up close and personal, if you have an opinion you are automatically a target for people or groups with a differing opinion,  in 2013 it is all about “attacking and silencing” those who don’t agree with your point of view.  There is no discussion in 2013, only differing factions trying to destroy one another, I personally think Frank should have written a tongue in cheek article and avoided race all together.  You simply cannot win and there are very powerful people who will line up in Detroit to destroy you if you have a different view.

I don’t think what Beckmann wrote was all that controversial, I know I understood the point he was trying to make, but he has to understand that he is an older white man in a very racially charged city.  When he wrote that column, he only advanced the “rich, angry white man” narrative that is so prevalent in society today. Sadly, Old white men are expected to sit down and shut up in the United States today, they are considered relics from a bygone era.  In 2013 you will assimilate to the mainstream politically correct world or you will be crushed.

I personally chose to just keep my mouth shut, which I’m sure many of you thought was never possible, but I’ve seen enough to know speaking the truth or speaking your perspective is not the way to go in our current world.

I’m not even talking left and right, I’m talking the extreme’s on both sides.  In Fort Wayne I was mercilessly attack by CONSERVATIVES who thought I was a far left winged liberal. LOL.  I’ve also witnessed the left try to take out Limbaugh for the last 18 months.  It’s all politics of personal destruction and it’s only going to get worse.  Unless you want to be attacked and destroyed, sadly, we are all going to have to shut  up and keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves.

Frank will survive this, unless the far-left idealouges push it further and ask for his termination.  U of M won’t let this tarnish their image as a left wing institution.