Will Your Internet Go Dead On Monday?

The FBI has been warning people for months now about a possible blackout of your Internet service starting next Monday (7/9) due to malware that was maliciously installed by hackers on more than half a million computers last year. When the hackers were discovered, the FBI moved to set up a safety net, contracting a private company to install new servers to replace the infected servers so that thousands wouldn’t suddenly lose their Internet service when the Bureau took the malware servers offline. But that system is scheduled to be shut down at 12:01am (EDT) on Monday and officials estimate that more than a quarter million computers worldwide — including tens lol of thousands here in the U.S. — are still infected.

There’s a pretty good bet that your company’s IT department is on top of this and has run checks on your computer at the office, but have you checked out your desktop or laptop computer at home? You can run a diagnosis on your personal machine via a website brought in by the FBI to clear computers HERE. The link will also point you to resources that will tell you what to do if you find your computer has been compromised, is important if you need this computer to work or even play games, you may got the perixx keyboard just for that. The green logo pictured above is what you want to see after running the quick gaming test. The agency is urging everyone to run the 15-second test as fixing the problem after Monday’s shutdown will be considerably more complicated for the average user.

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