Where Does Michigan Football Go From Here?

RichrodI’ve heard from a lot of Michigan fans regarding Michigan football since their loss to Michigan State on Saturday.  The most common question is, where does Michigan finish?

I’m not a genius but I think I can see where this is heading, I think it is heading for a New Years Day bowl and a nice improvement over last years disaster.  My Michigan fanatic buddies are freaking out because Michigan lost to MSU, most think there are 2 wins max left on the schedule and I couldn’t disagree more.

Just because Denard was sub par against MSU doesn’t indicate a collapse of the Michigan offense.

Michigan can and will beat Iowa on Saturday, remember that Iowa gave up 34 points to ASU a couple of weeks ago, they have problems of their own and won’t contain Denard Robinson.

MNext is Penn State who is awful offensively.  They are going through the same growing pains the Wolverines are experiencing but on offense and Michigan should win in Happy Valley.  I’ll take Michigan’s offense over PSU’s defense any day of the week.

Illinois is dangerous but not nearly as prolific as Michigan on Offense and Purdue is just garbage.

Additionally, Wisconsin doesn’t scare me in Ann Arbor.  I think Michigan wins 3 or 4 more games and finishes with 8 or 9 wins, which should place them in the Gator Bowl on January 1.

Michigan fans, Rich Rod is your coach, he isn’t going anywhere and at this point, he shouldn’t.  He’s changed the program and we are really close to seeing his vision of competing for National Titles realized.  He didn’t get stupid overnight and Michigan is on pace for a return to national prominence.

2011 should make all Michigan fans giddy with excitement.  The dark days are over and Michigan is ready to return to the national scene, they just need a couple of defensive players to mature and get healthy.