What The Hell Is Wrong With Dominic Riola?

RiolaDid you see this story about Dominic Riola before the Packer game?  Apparently he didn’t like the Wisconsin Band and thought it was a great idea to ridicule and degrade an overweight tuba player.  Douche!

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It’s happened before when he asked a Dolphin’s fan to give him oral sex last year.

Riola isn’t a leader and he certainly isn’t someone I would want in my organization. What kind of 34 year old man says this kind of stuff to college kids?  Raiola is the worst kind of bully, picking on people who are smaller and weaker than he is, how do you get off making fun of fats kids?  It’s hilarious on one end because he is such a baby when the media criticized him for his poor play, nobody cries more in the face of harsh criticism.

Riola is dead to me, he is a horrible person.  When he apologizes, nobody should accept it as we all know it won’t be sincere. He is an angry bully and needs mental help.  He’s also a bad teammate as he may be suspended and that will hurt the team.