Watch out for Nick Sheridan!

Sheridan There are some good sources at U of M who say that returning QB Nick Sheridan could actually be the starting QB when Michigan starts the 2009 season in Ann Arbor.

I know the word “Sheridan” elicit shrieks of horror from Michigan fans because he was one of the starters last year during Michigan’s unprecedented 3-9 season but maybe, just maybe Nick is the best suited QB to start the season.

Insiders say that Sheridan is vastly improved and very comfortable running the Wolverine offense after one year in Rich Rod’s system.  He obviously isn’t as naturally gifted as Freshman Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson, but one year in the system and four years in the uniform could make the difference when the ball is kicked off on September 5th in Ann Arbor.

Forcier Sheridan is a son of a coach and a smart guy, he may lack the physical gifts of his more highly recruited teammates but there is a chance that his football acumen sets him apart from the other QB’s at Michigan.

Personally I think Sheridan at QB means another “no bowl” season and a losing record, but the people I know in Ann Arbor think differently.  We will see.

I think Forcier and Robinson will eventually take the job this year, most likely Forcier, but you cannot discount experience and Sheridan has a corner on that market.

Only time will tell, but I think Sheridan at QB is a HUGE signal that Michigan hasn’t landed the guy to run Rich Rod’s offense and we will see another Freshman at QB next season when Devin Gardner of Inkster arrives in A2.