WATCH: MSU Football Commit Allegedly Violently Body Slams School Security Guard?

This is allegedly video of MSU QB commit Jayru Campbell body slamming a Cass Tech Security Guard.

Will be interesting to see if this is really him, will have to wait for Cass Tech to talk. UPDATE: WDIV is reporting that Jaru Campbell is in police custody.

 Here is a longer version of the video.


Listen closely, after the assault you can hear a woman yell, “Oh shit Jayru.” There are rumors that MSU is aware of the assault and have pulled his scholarship.


One shows the security guard laying face down on the ground and the other is commentators begging the cameraman to delete the video.

In the first screen grab you allegedly see Campbell pick up the security guard. His feet are pointing to the right.

security guard 2

Here you see the security guard violently slammed on his head. This is an awful violent attack.

security guard 3


security guard