VIDEO: Shannon Sharpe With An Embarrassing Take On Michigan In The Playoff!

I don’t watch this show and not many do, but I did get this clip from one of my twitter pals.

What I observed was a lot of loud talking by Shannon Sharpe and a lot of contrived controversy.

In the video Sharpe claims Michigan only dropped one spot when they lost to Ohio State when in fact they dropped from #3 to #5.  That isn’t a big deal, it’s a mistake that anybody could make, right?

But Sharpe didn’t stop there, he went on to claim that Michigan only had 1 win over top 25 teams and that Washington has 3 wins over top 25 teams….ouch, embarrassing.  He has the facts reversed yet used it an an excuse to leave Michigan out of the playoff.

Look, I know people make mistakes, but this is pretty bad and should be corrected on the show tomorrow, I know it won’t be, but if they cared about accuracy at all they would set the record straight.

No matter what dummies like Sharpe and the Sparty troll (#turnoffthespartytroll) on the radio in Detroit think, the committee will absolutely put the best four teams on the field.  After last years rating debacle with MSU, Clemson and Oklahoma, you can bet they won’t make the same mistake this year.