(Video) Marian Hossa stretchered off ice after hit from Raffi Torres

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Marian Hossa took a nasty hit from Raffi Torres tonight that left him motionless on the ice. As you can see, Torres left his feet for the hit so he’s likely going to face a suspension.

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Hope so
Where are all the comments ?



Stupid, yes, but I don’t see how it relates in any way to liberalism. It speaks to the inefficiency of government, for sure.



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This guy is a psycho. You always see him on edge/whining to refs constantly. Well in a season that really doesn’t go his way and you see some adversity- holy s*** this guy just really shows his true colors. He’s taking it out on everybody. The refs/fans/players/injuries (which every team has). It’s just embarrassing the way he has acted in the face of adversity. Guy is digging his own grave and tarnishing his own legacy. I don’t mind tho- it’s interesting when guys go meltdown mode on a national scale.

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