(Video) Doug Gottlieb’s TV Joke Is A Non-Issue!

DOUDI sorry, I don’t get it, CBS’s Doug Gottlieb makes a joke that isn’t knee slapping hilarious and now he should be fired?  You can’t be serious Mark May!

Gottlieb made his CBS NCAA Tournament debut Thursday night and said “I’m just here to bring diversity to the set, give kinda the white man’s perspective.”  Uh, so.  I don’t see the issue here, he made a joke, that was actually FUNNY to most white guys.  I laughed and every white dude I know laughed.  What is the point?  How did he offend anybody?  If simply using the term “white man’s perspective” is racially offensive, then off with his head.  Yes, this is where we are in 2013, everybody is a pro when it comes to outrage.  Apparently, it means little that the guy sitting a couple of seats down is one of the most offensive and funny human beings on earth, Charles Barkley.

The fact that Mark May from ESPN express his outrage and called for Gottlieb to be fired immediately is an embarrassment to May, what a thin-skinned, spineless wimp.  May was so afraid that the precious under 12 year old crowd would here it that he tweeted this little nugget “Nice job Gottlieb, I hope all the kids 12 and under didn’t hear it.”  Well, guess what Mark, both of mine saw it and didn’t even notice he said anything offensive.  A joke like that would go over any 12 year old’s head.  Spare us the phony “it’s about the kids” routine.  I’m guessing this has more to do with professional jealousy than the actual comment.

We’ve come to the point where there is simply too much sanctimony and outrage in our media and social media.  Everybody’s looking for that “gotcha” moment and it has gone too far.

The subject of race is touchy, but it isn’t taboo?  Most of America laughed at Gottlieb’s joke, even in mixed company, it wasn’t meant to be sinister, it was meant to be funny and ironic.  Instead of lauding the facts that we are at the point where there are four black men hosting a pre-game show (there was a point in my life when that would NEVER have happened) we get caught up in a white guy pointing out the irony!

So please, if you are “outraged” over Gottlieb’s joke, chill out and allow yourself a little laugh instead of pound out venom on your social media account.  It was a joke!

See the video below!