(Video) Cabrera Tossed…But What Did He Say?

I’m not sure what happened, but a web site called “Motor City Muckraker” says he called umpire Chad Fairchild a homophobic slur!


On June 29, Cabrera also appeared to call Rays closer Fernando Rodney a “maricón,” the Spanish equivalent of “faggot.”

Home plate umpire Chad Fairchild shocked many Tigers fans Sunday when he ejected slugger Miguel Cabrera in the middle of his at-bat with the bases loaded.

The reigning AL MVP and Triple Crown winner wasn’t demonstrative and only said a few words. So what could he have said to provoke an ejection?

Cabrera appeared to call Fairchild a “homo.”

After the game, Fairchild wouldn’t divulge what Cabrera uttered but said that it will be in his report about the ejection.

On June 29, Cabrera also appeared to call Rays closer Fernando Rodney a “maricón,” the Spanish equivalent of “faggot.”

Is Cabrera homophobic? Is that a sufficient reason to remove a player? We’d like to hear from you.

Here is the video, what do you think?