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Twitter Trolling….

Twitter Trolling….

Today is a new feature on Gregghenson.com, it’s called twitter trolling and it is basically me posting twitter questions and answering them right here on the blog.  Feel free to send me stuff you are curious about on twitter @gregghenson and I will post the best ones here!
Tweet 1

Jon K, Hoke isn’t going anywhere.  Michigan believes the program is in good hands and heading in the right direction whether the fan base believes it or not.  I agree that the results aren’t there at all, but revenue is up (for now), recruiting is off the charts for Michigan.  You may have to take “this garbage” for one more year as Hoke is only into his 2nd full recruiting class, 2014 will be his third.  Keep in mind his first class in 2011 was throw together in 15 days and many of those recruits are not even with the program today.  Here is a list of players no longer with the team from the 2011 class.  Many of the players, like Jack Miller who was recruited to play DE, were not “super” recruits like the ones Hoke is now getting.

Posada, was 1 of only 2 OL’s in this class, which is contributing to the issues up front and the lack of a good running game.

Chris Barnett
(Never Played) Left Team Prior to 2011 Season
Gregg Brown
(Played Freshman Year) Left Team During 2011 Season; Transferred to Findlay College
Tamani Carter
(Redshirted Freshman Year) Left Team Prior To 2012 Season
Kellen Jones
(Never Played) Decommitted Prior to 2011 Season and Committed to Oklahoma
Antonio Poole
(Redshirted Freshman Year) Left Team Prior to 2013 Season Due to Injuries
Tony Posada
(Never Played) Left Team Prior to 2011 Season
Chris Rock
(Redshirted Freshman Year) Left Team Prior to 2012 Season

If you are looking for a great recruiting page, check out Mike DeSimone’s Michigan recruiting site.


Yes, but it doesn’t change the outcome of the case.  He is most definitely a turd and a potential menace, but that doesn’t mean he meant to kill Trayvon Martin.  The guy needs serious help.


I do think it is time for Michigan to move into the “Derrick Green” era.  Fitz has two games left in his career, he should play, but the bulk of the carries need to go to Green and the younger running backs.  Fitz hasn’t been able to get it done and youth must be served.

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