The Other Half Of The Drew And Mike Story!

Greater Media made it official today, not that we didn’t already know, Dave and Chuck The Freak are the new morning show at WRIF.

Greater Media General Manager Steve Chessare explained the move to The Detroit News.

The change in the morning show has “been in the works for quite some time,” said Steve Chessare, market manager for Greater Media Detroit.

“This is a symbol of our future at RIF,” Chessare said. “We’re continuing to deliver the best content for young adults in Detroit.”

The Dave and Chuck “the Freak” show went off the air from 89X in November and quickly became part of the discussion to take the place of the “Drew & Mike” morning show. The idea, Chessare said, was to provide content more appealing to the station’s young audience.

These comments are only partially true.  The biggest reason Drew and Mike were replaced is because they made too much money.  The new show will make considerably less money and will generate comparable ratings and revenue.  It’s the way things are 2013, pay less and put more on the bottom line, it is simple economics.

Drew and Mike will resurface soon, they will be great and you can bet they will work for a lot less money.