The new Lion logo and who named him “Bubbles”

Newlions This is the new Lion logo.  What do you think?

I like it a lot. I’ve long wanted the Lions to alter the team logo and colors, I thought they should have done it when they moved into Ford Field.  I liked the idea of launching a new era at Ford Field with a new logo, a new mascot and a lot more edge.  It is also the perfect time to roll out cheerleaders.
I’m happy that the Lions have retained the integrity of the old, classic Lion logo, but added some definition and edge to it.  The next step it to ditch the Honolulu blue and wear the throwback jersey’s FULL TIME.

With the transition to the new logo I have seen a lot of articles referring to the Lion mascot as “Bubbles.”  That is not his his real name, the “Bubbles” moniker was started by longtime radio Personality Arthur J. Regner the third.  In the late 90’s Art and I were hosting “The Sunday Afternoon Sit-In” and Art was on one of his classic tirades and he started in on how stupid the Lion logo was and he screamed “he looks like he is batting at bubbles.”  From that point on Art, gaming myself and most of the WDFN air staff began referring to the Lion mascot as “Bubbles.”  Among Art’s many entertaining contributions to the Detroit sports scene is naming the Lion logo “Bubbles.”  Someday, when accounts of how the Lion mascot was named Art will get his due.

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