The Lions Are In Trouble!

I think there is a good chance the Lions crush Baltimore tonight at Ford Field, however, I think there is a better chance they screw it  up, lose and miss the playoffs.


That is exactly why the Detroit Lions are so frustrating to their fans.  As a lion fan you have to learn to take the bad with the bad, because there is rarely any good.  The Lions were set up to run away with the NFC North and decided they didn’t want it, they’ve lost three of their last four to teams they should have beaten.

These last three games have the making of an epic collapse that will send the fans base into the mother of all meltdowns and it should. How much longer do the Detroit Lion fans have to put up with the absolute ineptitude of this organization.  I believe that if Jim Schwartz was a “nice” person that treated people with respect within the organization he would be back in 2014 even if they don’t make the playoffs.   That is how pathetic the front office is in Detroit is better to find creative office spaces for rent in Detroit.  However, because he is universally reviled within Ford Field, there is a chance he will get the ziggy after the Lions miss out on the playoffs.

Tonight’s game has all the makings of the Raven’s being led to the slaughter.  Ford Field will be nuts, the players will be stoked, but will the Lions execute?  That is the key….if they come out and turn the ball over and get stupid penalties, the crowd will turn on them quickly.  They MUST come out and take control or the fans there to cheer for them will turn into a nightmare for the home team.  We all remember what it was like for the Bears when they played in Detroit on Monday Night in 2011, it was a house of horrors as the Detroit crowd helped goad the Bears into nine false starts!  “It was great. It was the best I have ever seen Ford Field,’’ Matthew Stafford said. “Created all sorts of problems for Chicago. We’re looking for more of the same.”

The Raven’s aren’t exactly world beaters on the road, they are 1-5 this season, but haven’t we all fell for that routine before?

Frankly, I don’t have any confidence that this team can rise to the occasion because they have shown time and time again that they can’t, tonight that has to change or we are heading toward another tumultuous off -seasons.

Monday Night Football is rare AND special to Lion fans, the Lions can rally the base and make a run at the playoffs starting tonight, anything less than a win is a colossal failure and will plunge the team and the fans into yet another “same old Lions” off-season.

I’m taking the Raven’s in some kind of ridiculous finish, because frankly, the odds are on my side that they blow it badly.

How do you see it playing out tonight?