The Adrian Peterson Story is Odd!

Some thoughts on a Saturday morning….

** Anyone else think something is weird about the Adrian Peterson story.  A couple of things caught me off guard.  One, who would return to practice if there son was dying on a ventilator?  How could you possibly concentrate on football if your infant son was dying in another state.  I’m not judging Peterson, but doesn’t it strike you as odd?  Two, was this or was this NOT Adrian Peterson Jr.?  The reports are all over the place, some say this was a “love” child that AP barely knew and had only recently be told about and other reports said it was Adrian Peterson Jr.  Either way, what a tragic, avoidable death.  The mom should be held accountable as well, she brought that creep into that baby’s home.

**Lost in the celebration for the Tigers win over Oakland is the fact that they still aren’t hitting and scoring runs.  There is no solution at this point, the best players must perform…PRINCE….or the starting pitching will be forced to pitch near no hitters every game for Detroit to win. Austin Jackson and Prince Fielder are beyond gone…who thinks they fix it at this point in the season? Not me.

**Thursday was a great day for Detroit!  Kwame Kilpatrick finally went to prison and the Tiger’s clinch the ALDS title against the Oakland A’s.  Just gorgeous!  Give me a break with the “28 years is too much routine.”  This was not a victim-less crime.  He lied to and stole from the very people he was elected to protect and help.  He got more time because he was elected and grossly violated the public trust.  After I was fired at 97.1 , my former radio partner Michelle McKormick interviewed Kwame, before he went on the air he asked her “where is your boy now?” He was referring to me being fired.  LOL, today I ask his supporters the same question!

** I really don’t care what Las Vegas says, if Gardner doesn’t turn it over, Michigan will handle Penn State today.

** Boston in 7?