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(Video) Dan Shane Will Retire From Channel 7

Interesting news from Channel 7 in Detroit today, Sports Anchor Don Shane is calling it quits from the TV station he has called home for more than 26 years.

Shane came to Detroit when I was 18; he was a fixture on the Detroit sports scene for many years and his professionalism and class will be missed.

When WDFN went on the air in 1994, instead of making fun of the new station and format, Shane was classy and always helpful to the young members of the radio station.  Unlike many of his piers Don was actually helpful and friendly to all of the inexperienced WDFN staff.  He was a class guy all the time.

When Michigan won the 1997 National Football Championship in Pasadena the next morning I ran into Don at Lloyd Carr’s press conference and he was extremely helpful to a guy who had never been to a Michigan press conference before that day.

I’m told Don was quite stunned and hurt by Bo Schembechler’s passing during a taping of his TV show, I’m not sure Don ever got over Bo’s death.  Knowing Don a little bit, I suspect he saw Bo’s death as a wakeup call, and took the chance to spend time with family and enjoy the fruits of his labor.  I hope that is true, because Don is a great family man and I’m hopeful that he can spend his retirement with family and friends doing what he loves.  Best of luck Don, enjoy!