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Mike Valenti Update!

Wow, WXYT Afternoon Host Mike Valenti’s face was burned at a Birmingham restaurant last weekend.  The guy is extremely lucky to have only burned his face superficially, this could have been much worse.  He’s already got an attorney so a nice payday will soon follow.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Also, Radio Ink Magazine has come out with their list of the top 30 sports talk hosts in American.  The list is so wrong, it has Stoney & Bill at #23 but Valenti is omitted from the list.  All credibility is out the window on this list if Valenti isn’t on it.  Not sure how Stoney and Bill managed to get on the list, but they shouldn’t be on the list if Valenti is not.  Here is the complete list.

Radio Inc.

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Does 105.1 Need A Sports Team To Be Successful?

todayslogoAbsolutely not and anyone who suggests that is does has no clue about Sports Radio.

The only thing a sports station needs to win is talented on-air personalities, that is where it begins and that is where it ends.  Sports Radio is built on larger than life personalities, guys who are passionate and emotional about the teams they cover for a living.  That is precisely why the flash point for this sports radio battle will be in Afternoon Drive.  It will pit the two best Air Personalities against one another….Drew Lane vs. Mike Valenti.

Before we discuss that battle, let’s address the play-by-play question.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, play-by-play for the most part is a money losing proposition.  Many of the stations around the country ONLY sign teams as an ego trip...

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What’s Next For Matt Dery?

DeryI’m getting conflicting stories on what happened to Matt Dery and where he is heading. Some  sources tell me they he has a job lined up already and some say he doesn’t, I have no clue….although I’d like to think he would call me as a member of his network…..if he was looking for work.

Matt isn’t talking so I’ll do my best to tell you what I think is happening.

In my estimation, Matt just got tired of his job at WXYT, he’s been doing it a long time and everybody has a burn factor.

He’s a talented broadcasters and won’t have trouble getting a gig, but I think he’s going to wait a while and try to land a gig that is “a career” and not a job.  He’s long coveted an NBA or college play-by-play position, but there are only so many available and the timing hasn’t worked out for him thus far.

As ...

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