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Drew And Mike To WCSX May Still Happen!

Just talked to another well connected Detroit radio guy who informed me that a Drew and Mike move to WCSX may still happen “if the numbers work.”  Both new shows, Dave and Chuck The Freak and Drew and Mike could..could debut on their new stations NEXT MONDAY!

Drew and Mike obviously would have to take a salary cut to move to “The Senior Circuit.”  Others could be affected too, if WCSX signs Peyton Manning, they would have to make sure everyone else fit under the “cap.”  Obviously I have no idea what the cap is and who makes  what at WCSX.

If Greater Media were to pull this off they would have almost complete domination of men in the morning in Detroit with the exception of Mike and Bill on 97.1...

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Wild Drew and Mike Speculation

As I think more and more about the change in mornings at WRIF, I’ve got a few more thoughts and questions.

Why did Drew and Mike get fired?

They likely make too much money for the available ratings and revenue in their demo.  All around the media world, radio and TV the trend is to more cost efficient talent.  All the major TV stations in Detroit have “retired”  high priced, legacy talent; radio has done it too, it is simple economics.

Will Drew and Mike work in Detroit again?

I don’t see why not, they are talented, funny personalities.  Not sure what their financial situations are, but if they want to work, some station will hire them at a more affordable salary.  I’d hire them in three seconds if I was programming a sports outlet in Detroit...

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Drew And Mike; What Happens Next In Detroit Radio?


What is Greater Media doing?  First they dumped JJ and Lynne for Deminski and Doyle, that was a disaster, then they put Big Daddy Arthur P out of work and now they are tossing aside a proven morning show for a couple of guys that NOBODY seems to know or care about.  Drew and Mike screamed Detroit, can you say the same for Chuck and Dave?

This move is about money and demographics, Greater Media clearly wants a younger audience on WRIF, I get that, but why not move them to WCSX where they can continue to entertain their loyal audience?  The answer is money, they clearly don’t want to pay Drew and Mike any longer or the logical move would have been to move them down the hall.

Greater Media is going to find out ONCE AGAIN that heritage matters...

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