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Frank Beckmann Forced Out As Play-By-Play Voice Of Michigan Football

Make no mistake, Frank Beckmann was fired as the voice of Michigan Football.  If he was truly retiring, he wouldn’t have recently resigned a contract extension with WJR.

His termination is in response to his “fried chicken” column that appeared in the Detroit News.

After the column was written Brady Hoke wanted Beckmann out because he feared that Urban Meyer would use the column against him on the recruiting trail.

There were also many regents at Michigan who wanted Beckmann out!  Michigan doesn’t want a play-by-play announcer with a political slant.


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WJR’s Frank Beckmann Apologizes For Detroit News Column!

FrankYesterday I gave you the heads up regarding a column written Friday by WJR’s Frank Beckmann; well today Frank was forced to apologize for that column, likely under pressure from the University of Michigan.

Beckmann posted his apology on the Detroit News website today claiming a “friend” explained to him how misguided he was when he claimed we should all have thicker skin.

I saw this one coming a mile away because I’ve seen it up close and personal, if you have an opinion you are automatically a target for people or groups with a differing opinion,  in 2013 it is all about “attacking and silencing” those who don’t agree with your point of view...

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Will Frank Bechmann’s Article In The Detroit News Lead To Backlash At U of M?

FrankOh boy, The Detroit News article written by Frank Beckmann last Friday is starting a firestorm that could raise the eyebrows of his bosses at The University of Michigan.

I personally completely understand what Frank was going for when he wrote the editorial on Friday, but one look at the comments below and you have to think there will be some backlash.  There shouldn’t be, but there will be an apology coming.

The University of Michigan is a very liberal institution and they will lean on Frank to apologize for fear of backlash.  The folks who live on the extremes can be very nasty when they get the hair up on the back of their necks.  Now that the liberal rag “Wonkette” has publicly associated Beckmann with Michigan to the masses, the pressure with come from the University to slap Frank...

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