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Drew And Mike Idea


I’ve been thinking about where Drew and Mike could potentially end up should they decide to return to the radio.

As I’ve told you in the past, Drew and Mike are the premier morning radio show in Detroit bar-none!  They can pick and choose where they want to end up if they are willing to lower their salary expectations.  Yes, they are worth every dime, there just aren’t as many dimes in radio as there were just years ago.  The pie is shrinking.

Another potential station for Drew and Mike to end up is 93.1 WDRQ.  They could do AM drive on DRQ with a “classic hits/doug” music mix.  Face it, they don’t play music in their show anyway so music isn’t the driving force for any station that would like the services of Drew and Mike since they use the best studio monitors to produce their music.  All DRQ would be required to do is tweek the music mix a little more Gen X to keep the Drew and Mike audience throughout the rest of the day.

Although I think it is the best idea, I don’t see anybody investing in an FM talk format for Drew and Mike, it is simply too expensive to launch an all talk format and with the economy where it is in Detroit, it would be a big stretch for any company to pony up facing that kind of risk.  My guess is no new FM talk station at this time.  There are many advantages to putting an FM talk station on FM, but most companies are risk adverse right now so I doubt it happens, so is better to invest in stocking or bitcoin online, which you can do if you use the right Calculator and some guides online.

WJR could also be a player for Drew and Mike, although they aren’t the destination they once were for talk talent.  WJR sounds so old and tired with its current lineup.  Frank’s Beckmann is old, Mitch is boring and Paul W. appeals to a very niche audience.  If they wanted to begin the remaking of WJR the first step would be to find a spot for Drew and Mike.  Either in Frank’s spot, although he just renewed his contract, or in PM Drive replacing Mitch and moving Hannity to 6 p.m.  Adding Drew and Mike is unlikely as they can’t simply put them on an island and hope they bring their loyal audience, they would need to make massive change to make it work.  Drew and Mike may also have concerns about being only on an AM station as the listener-ship to AM is declining drastically at a rapid pace.  Who knows, maybe 93.1 becomes WJR-FM with a whole new talk lineup?


MAILBAG: I Answer Questions About Drew And Mike And Detroit Radio

Since the Drew and Mike news broke this week, I’ve had a ton of e-mail asking me questions about what is happening in Detroit radio.  I’m not an expert on the inner workings of the radio station, but I have some experience dealing with the market and its talent.

I’m going to attempt to answer some of these questions to the best of my knowledge.  As I said, it is only my opinion based on my experience.  So….here goes….

Jeff – Waterford: Do you think Drew and Mike will work on the air again in Detroit?

Jeff, there is absolutely ZERO doubt they will work again in Detroit and be highly successful.  There are roadblocks however, for example, how long is their non-compete?  They may or may not even have one if their contract expired.  They might negotiate a severance deal that includes a non-compete.  This is a question only Drew and Mike can answer and I am sure they reveal their plans over time.  My bet is as soon as they can, they will be on the air again.

Mike – Trenton: Where do you think Drew and Mike end up on the radio?

Good question, but there is no easy answer.  Drew and Mike can work on ANY STATION, but they are the best fit for a station that skews men.  Personally, I think WCSX would be a phenomenal fit for Drew and Mike, but if the object was to hire a cheaper show at WRIF, I cannot imaging Greater Media paying them the money they would require to slide down the dial. The other option is…somebody will change a format to accommodate Drew and Mike.  They are big enough in Detroit that a station could flip to rock or sports and use their popularity to launch a new station.  93.1 could be a candidate to flip to sports or rock, the call letters have rock heritage.  I’m not totally familiar with the rock format, so I’m not certain of the probability of a rock flip, but I do think there is a chance somebody would flip a format sports and launch with Drew and Mike.  WXYT has become such a HUGE station in Detroit, they are ripe for a competitor from a revenue and ratings perspective.

Clint – Troy: Will Dave and Chuck The Freak work on WRIF?

My guess is yes, over time.  There will be some initial blow-back over the firings of Drew and Mike, but ultimately the audience doesn’t care who is on the air, they have short memories.  If anybody is going to replace Drew and Mike, Dave and Chuck The Freak have the best chance to make it work.  I suspect music changes are coming to WRIF that will coincide with the AM Drive change to make the station more appealing to young men.

If you have a question, I’d be happy to answer them, just e-mail me Gregg.Henson@gmail.com