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Chicago Press Is Turning on Jonathan Toews!

Check this out from the Chicago Sun-Times!

There was something a tad much about what Jonathan Toews said Thursday morning. Something overboard, something overdone. Something too too, if you know what I mean.

“When you put it all together and we play the right way, we’re an amazing, amazing bunch of guys,” he told reporters.

It didn’t sound like the understated captain we know. It sounded like a guy working on self-esteem exercises, Captain Serious morphing into Captain Chamber of Commerce.

“There was a reason we made it this far,’’ he said. “We’re a good team — we’re a really good team.”\

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There is no doubt Chicago is in trouble, but they are capable of beating Detroit three straight!


Not A Bad “Rebuild”

brunnerRed Wing fans are funny, they love the hockey team but they never expect the team to ever go through a “reloading” process.  It is safe to say there is no patience in Hockeytown.

Being one step removed from it, I think the future looks bright for the Red Wings.  A team that lost Nick Lidstrom to retirement after last season is sure to take a step back, but what I am seeing is a good young core of players that in short order will compete for Stanley Cups.

Gustav Nyquist, Damien Brunner, Brendan Smith and Danny Dekeyser are all very good hockey players who will take this team over in a few years, right now they are making rookie mistakes and coming up big.  That is why they call them “kids.”  They are learning quickly and the fact that Nyquist (23) and Brunner (rookie) are coming up big in a tight playoff series should give Red Wings fans a reason for optimism.

All the complaining about barely making the playoffs is valid, but at some point the Red Wings had to infuse this team with young talent.  Mistakes and tense moments are a part of playing kids, but you can’t have the good without the bad.

The current Red Wing team reminds me a lot of the young guys learning to win in the early 90’s.  Talented, but young.  Red Wing fans are just too use to winning, they seem to have forgotten how the process works.  First you find talent, then you teach them how to win, there really aren’t any shortcuts to a Stanley Cup Championship.

If this year is a “rebuild” for the Wings, I’ll take it all day!  Win or lose to Anaheim.