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Denise Ilitch Deletes Her Howard Facebook Message


I’m not sure there is anything to it, but Denise Illitch deleted the above tweet.

It shows a dollar sign in the middle of multiple exclamation points.

I seriously doubt this was intentional, but why delete it?

What do you think?

Why Chicago Would Start Saturday If The Beat Detroit

Red Wing fans, there is no anti-Detroit conspiracy by the NHL.

Many are upset that Chicago would get an extra day of rest if the win game seven, but the reason would be….The United Center is booked on Friday night by a little known band called The Rolling Stones!


(Video)Chicago’s Mayers fined for shooting pucks at Detroit goal during Game 5 warmup


jamalmayersBlackhawks forward Jamal Mayers hasn’t played in a game this postseason, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting fined for on-ice antics.


Mayers, who took the pregame skate with the ‘Hawks prior to Game 5 of the Detroit series, has been fined a half day’s pay (roughly $1600) for shooting pucks into the Red Wings goal during warmup, according to TSN’s Darren Dreger.


“I was trying to get under their skin,” Mayers told ESPN’s Craig Custance. “The league fined me and took the appropriate action.


“I’ll pay the piper.”

Mayers shot around four or five pucks into Jimmy Howard‘s net, all from Chicago’s side of center.

It was a territorial-marking/gamesmanship move and, if you’re looking to somehow make what Mayers did relevant, the Blackhawks did win 4-1, scoring more goals in Game 5 than they did in Games 2-4 combined.

Of course, Mayers didn’t actually play in Game 5, and nobody from Detroit reacted to him firing pucks at their goal.

See The Video Here!

(H/T: Pro Hockey Talk)