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Friday Finale! Michigan, The Tigers and…..

* Michigan can save its season with a win over Iowa.  Another road win and a chance to win 9 games will give the Wolverines a shot to end the season on an up note as they prepare for 2014.  This season has been awful in many ways, but there is something to be said about winning “lose-able”  games at Northwestern & Iowa late in the season.  It could help clean some of the stink off of an otherwise awful Big Ten season.  My guess is there is NO way Hoke gets rid of Offensive Coordinator Al Borges in the off-season.  Unfortunately that just isn’t the way Michigan does business.  Brady Hoke isn’t on the hot seat and therefore he isn’t under any pressure to fix the mess that is the Michigan offense.  Hoke & Borges will either fix it before next year or both will be on the hot seat in 2015.  Michigan fans are just going to have to be patient.

* I might be crazy, but this Michigan basketball team doesn’t appear to be very good at all, am I nuts?  What are you seeing?

* Am I the only one who think Prince Fielder is the worst kind of Momma’s boy?  He is so soft for a hulking slugger that it is unimaginable how weak he appears as a person.  He apparently can’t cope with life’s road blocks.  He can’t get along with his dad, he can’t deal with his divorce and he certainly can’t deal with adversity on the job.  These are all things that the everyday Joe who, pay his salary, are expected to deal with on a lot less money per year.  How can he he pull out the “I got kids I got to take care of, I got things I got to take care of. It’s over.”   Just ridiculous.   Prince’s regular season bat will mostly be missed, but his weak character won’t be.

* Could you substitute Ian Kinsler’s name for Prince Fielder’s in this article from Gil Lebreton of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  They act like they got Cabrera, NOT Fielder.


* I spent some time covering the Rangers in Dallas and I think Detroit fans will love Ian Kinsler.  He’s coming off a bad year, but he is still an upper tier second baseman who will help reshape the Tiger’s lineup.  He’s also a great guy in the clubhouse and he is great with the fans, his personality is the exact opposite of Prince Fielder…which means he cares!

* I think my fascination with the “Kennedy Assassination” is a guy thing, I can’t remember a time when I watched so much TV.  I’ve been consumed with the various documentaries and news shows about the assassination.   I’m starting to believe the theory that JFK was killed accidentally by “friendly fire.”  It was first proposed in a book by Bonar Menninger called “Mortal Error.”  It seems to be the most plausible theory and answers most of the remaining questions surrounding that day in Dallas 50 years ago.  You?