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Michigan or Kansas?

BCJlwWTCIAA1ljUNot sure why I am getting asked this question, but Michigan fans have inundated me with tweets and e-mails asking my two cents on the Michigan v. Kansas Sweet 16 match-up in Dallas.  If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time, you know I am much more of a Michigan Football follower than basketball.  However, I have spent many winter days watching this Michigan basketball team, they are talented and fun to watch, but final 4?  I am unconvinced.

I have very low confidence in Michigan after watching the way they finished the season.  Sure, they looked good against South Dakota State and VCU, but I think those teams are largely built on hype.  South Dakota is in something called the Summit League which features Oakland and IPFW, not exactly teams that send shivers through a D1 team.  VCU, WAY over-hyped based on the coaching success of Shaka Smart.  I wasn’t concerned about VCU, face it, the narrative that they would wreak “havoc” on Michigan was built by those who simply wanted to see Michigan lose.  How else do you explain so many experts being so wrong.  The only thing missing was Karl Rove and Dick Morris predicting a landslide in VCU’s favor.

Hell, I’m not even THAT concerned with Kansas, they are beatable as long as Michigan’s Freshman show up and that is where I start to get concerned.  Robinson III, Stauskas and McGary are young players who are prone to off-nights, many think Robinson III and Stauskus took the second half of the B1G season off, myself included.

I think Michigan’s youth and inexperience with be their undoing, it may not be Friday, but it will be this weekend.

Who do you have?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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