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Michigan Underclassmen Aren’t Going Pro!

Michigan basketball’s young players are getting a lot of bad advice regarding their futures in the NBA.

NBA draft experts are extremely high on Michigan’s underclassmen, some have Burke, Robinson III and McGary all being selected in the NBA’s Draft Lottery.  I find it absolutely ridiculous, while Burke is ready for the big show, Robinson III and Mitch McGary are nowhere near ready to compete at the NBA level.

McGary was great in the tournament but he still can’t hit a mid range jumper with any consistency and he shoot’s a very shaq-like 40% from the free throw line.  Mitch is a great talent but he didn’t go to prep school for two years to be a one and done player in college, he went there to improve his game and to land at a big time program.  I think he will opt to do the same in college, to improve his game and reap the ultimate reward of a long, prosperous NBA career.  The kid seems more focused on becoming a great player than the money at this point.  I don’t have any inside knowledge of what Mitch is thinking, but he seems to be a guy who sees the big picture and had goals to achieve in college before cashing in at the NBA level.

Glen Robinson III is a different case in that he may simply have NBA aspirations and could feel like he wasn’t showcased enough at Michigan.  That could change in 2013-2014 when Burke splits for the NBA.  Robinson obviously would have many more chances on the offensive end, but at some point he will need to be a more consistent scorer in this lineup or all the athleticism that the NBA craves in him will mean nothing.

The curious case is Tim Hardaway Jr., the guy has been good, not great.  His season season at Michigan could do wonders for his draft stock, clearly the NBA doesn’t value him at this point as most of the “experts” have him pegged to go in the second round.  Hardaway should play his senior year, only to help his own draft stock.  If he has a terrific season out of Burke’s shadow, he might just reap the rewards when the 2014 draft rolls around.  The one drawback is that most players feel like playing a “senior” year is viewed as a negative, which is twisted.  A guy should be respected for staying in college if he needs one more year to develop into an NBA prospect.

Bottom line: Robinson III and McGary stay at Michigan, Burke is gone and Hardaway has a decision to make.  In Hardaway’s case, why risk washing out in a couple of years after riding the NBA pine for a few years?

John Sally’s funny NBA stories.

SallyJohn Salley is writing some pretty funny NBA stories on Deadspin.  Check ’em out, he’s got some great tales from his days with the Detroit Pistons, including Dennis Rodman being a nark and how he bought that huge house in Palmer Woods in Detroit.

Sally’s usually good for some great stories.  I’ve linked to a couple of them here! 

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