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Michigan Underclassmen Aren’t Going Pro!

Michigan basketball’s young players are getting a lot of bad advice regarding their futures in the NBA.

NBA draft experts are extremely high on Michigan’s underclassmen, some have Burke, Robinson III and McGary all being selected in the NBA’s Draft Lottery.  I find it absolutely ridiculous, while Burke is ready for the big show, Robinson III and Mitch McGary are nowhere near ready to compete at the NBA level.

McGary was great in the tournament but he still can’t hit a mid range jumper with any consistency and he shoot’s a very shaq-like 40% from the free throw line.  Mitch is a great talent but he didn’t go to prep school for two years to be a one and done player in college, he went there to improve his game and to land at a big time program...

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News anchor Sasha Andrade of WPLG in Miami had a hilarious slip-up the other night referring to the Philadelphia 76ers as the “69ers”



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John Sally’s funny NBA stories.

SallyJohn Salley is writing some pretty funny NBA stories on Deadspin.  Check ’em out, he’s got some great tales from his days with the Detroit Pistons, including Dennis Rodman being a nark and how he bought that huge house in Palmer Woods in Detroit.

Sally’s usually good for some great stories.  I’ve linked to a couple of them here! 

Sally on Dennis Rodman

Sally on the Palmer Woods mansion and the corrupting of Jalen Rose and Chris Webber

Sally on the Toronto Raptors and Isiah Thomas


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