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Terry Foster-gate!

Today Terry Foster of The Detroit News wrote a column about race in the Detroit Lions locker room.  Frankly I don’t know why we need another race story other than to draw attention to oneself.  Face it, minority columnists can usually write these columns and never have to deal with the backlash.  You can bet Bob Wojnowski couldn’t and wouldn’t have ever written anything like this one from Foster.

In the column, Foster writes about Lion players Louis Delmas and Tony Scheffler, who have been “best” friends since college at Western Michigan in Kalamazoo.  The article lovingly explains how the white Tight End and the black Safety refer to each other as “N**g(*” and “cracker.” Ugh, this isn’t going to end well.

Foster got national attention for the article today and frankly I like it, it was good to see some straight talk about race.

Later in the day, Lions Receiver Nate Burleson tweeted that the article was wrong and that Schefflerr and Delmas would never talk that way, it was a joke.  Huh, a joke?  You can’t be serious, are you telling me these two knuckle dicks conspired to “cat-fish” Terry Foster into writing an article that everybody knew would get attention?  Wow, I guess players are much more stupid than I gave them credit for, because this “rouse” is ridiculous and should lead to a fine for these idiots.

I’ve know Terry Foster and I doubt he would make this stuff up, Rob Parker and Mitch Albom, wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I trust Terry more than two dipstick NFL players.  I’m also betting Terry Foster has a recording of the interviews.

I’ve seen it a million times, players say controversial stuff, get hell for it from management and immediately backtrack and blame the press, this sounds like one of those times.

This sounds like a total CYA by the Lion players, a distraction the team didn’t need so they need to make it right.  If Foster can produce the tape, and I’m betting he can, these guys should be fined and humiliated for playing fast and loose with a serious issue.

Foster claims Burleson is coming on his show at 2 p.m. tomorrow.  I’m betting that interview NEVER happens!  The Lions will kill it.