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Sparty Is Coming Unglued About Michigan In The Final 4!

Last night, following Michigan’s win over Florida, I noticed something happening on social media.  It’s  not unexpected, but it was unusually nasty.  Michigan State fans are coming unhinged because Michigan has made it to the Final Four.

Not only were Sparty fans pissed and coming unglued, but a so called “objective journalists” like Pat Caputo and former players like Jason Richardson even got in the act.

Caputo 2





Caputo 2







Say what you want about the rivalry, but this behavior is uniquely Sparty.  They hate the “insecure” insult but they perpetuate it at every turn, they cannot seem to ignore Michigan.  The MSU attitude is pathetic, I get it, but the fact that they can’t disengage with Michigan fans is weird.  Even with a solid program in Spartyville, they are still more concerned with what is happening in Ann Arbor. It is years of being treated as a step-child, I understand, but why not just take your beating and go home?  Why make is about your most hated rival?  Why give Michigan the satisfaction?

Sparty had to know this day was coming, Beliein is a winner, he has won everywhere he’s coached.  In addition, Michigan has a new, dynamic AD who sees the value in improving the basketball facilities and investing in the program.  It is no secret that Izzo made huge progress while Michigan was in the crapper, those days are over for Sparty, the program is healthy in A2 and that means Izzo will likely have to take a back seat again to Michigan.  Face it, all things being equal….Michigan win’s the state school battle every time.

As this happens, expect more and more hated from East Lansing directed at any and all who are fans of the Maize and Blue.


Stunning turn of events in Michigan college football!

Image of Tate Forcier from FacebookImage of Tate Forcier

What a difference 2 weeks makes, huh?

Just a couple of weeks ago The University of Michigan football team was imploding and MSU was talking about 9 wins, back to back wins over Michigan and a New Years day Bowl.  Well, well, well, it looks more like the same old, same old in college football in the great State of Michigan.  Some thoughts from Saturday’s games.

  •  It is time for the Sparty media and apologists to take stock of their program and realize that one win over a rebuilding Michigan team doesn’t represent a shift of power in the state.  The litany of pro Dantonio recruiting columns in the Freep and News can give it a rest now.  I don’t see it as a positive if you are getting the majority of your recruits from the State of Michigan if the talent is thin and sub-par.  Face it, Michigan High School football talent has always been “top heavy” meaning there were only a few game changers a year to come out of the state.  So Dantonio’s success in recruiting a large number of MIchigan kids isn’t really a valid argument; the real battle is for the top 5-8 players in the State of Michigan and the Wolverines have an edge in that department.MSU has a lot of good things happening, Athletic Director Mark Hollis is a top notch guy who does things the right way, Dantonio will win his share of games in E.L. and Izzo is Izzo, BUT…there is no shift in the balance of football power in the State of Michigan and all the squawking on the radio and in the papers won’t change the fact that Rich Rod will win with his system, particularly when he gets more of his own “system guys.”

  • MSU’s loss to CMU is bad, but it isn’t as bad as it was once before, the MAC has improved and is playing a mjuch improved brand of football.  Losing to CMU isn’t as bad as losing to Toledo in 2008.

  • Yes, Forcier is gonna be a great QB.  He’s just got something special that separates him from other young QB’s.  He looked even more poised than Henne when he started as a true freshman at Michigan.  The good news for Michigan fans is he isn’t likely headed to the NFL early and Devin Gardner may even be better than Forcier. Even the biggest Michigan hater has to acknowledge Forcier’s presence on the field.

  • As much as I hate to admit it, MIchigan still isn’t “back.”  There are just too many question marks on defense.  ND is a potent offense so the next few weeks will tell the story.  I am concerned that the D-line can’t stop the run, they are undersized and young.  Isn’t it odd that Craig Roh is starting at defensive end but William Campbell hasn’t touched the field?

  • Denard Robinson needs to play more….in a role similar to Steve Breaston.  Clearly Forcier is the better QB, but Robinson could be electric if they could find additional ways to utilize him.

  • Funny how a win over ND can change perspective. Looking at the schedule now, doesn’t it appear that the only two “tough” games are Penn State and Ohio State?  Before the win over The Irish, I thought all the games looked “tough.”

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