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Michigan Football

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Will Frank Bechmann’s Article In The Detroit News Lead To Backlash At U of M?

FrankOh boy, The Detroit News article written by Frank Beckmann last Friday is starting a firestorm that could raise the eyebrows of his bosses at The University of Michigan.

I personally completely understand what Frank was going for when he wrote the editorial on Friday, but one look at the comments below and you have to think there will be some backlash.  There shouldn’t be, but there will be an apology coming.

The University of Michigan is a very liberal institution and they will lean on Frank to apologize for fear of backlash.  The folks who live on the extremes can be very nasty when they get the hair up on the back of their necks.  Now that the liberal rag “Wonkette” has publicly associated Beckmann with Michigan to the masses, the pressure with come from the University to slap Frank...

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Wojo’s Column Says Everything You Need To Know About Rich Rod at Michigan

MBob Wojnowski is one of the best sports journalists in America.  If you have lived in Detroit you already know that he is measured, experienced and entertaining.  He’s a very thoughtful journalist who doesn’t take his column or his opinions lightly.  That is why you should see the end of the Rich Rod era at Michigan just by reading Wojo’s latest column.

It is one thing to read the national pundits who really don’t know anything about Michigan football and think Rodriguez will be fired, it is quite another thing to read it from one of the more rational Michigan writers.

In his column “Rich Rodriguez Needs To Go if Buckeyes Whip Wolverines Again,” Wojo calls it as evenly as any I’ve ever seen...

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Local Detroit TV Anchor run over by Michigan QB

WXYZ-TV Sports Anchor Don Shane got rolled by Michigan QB Tate Forcier on the sidelines during Michigan’s 67-65 win over Illinois on Saturday.  Shane is fine, but he required 4 stitches in his lip to close a wound that was opened during the collision.  Here is the video of Shane interviewing the guy who rolled him after the game.


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