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Are A Bunch Of Michigan Players About To Transfer?

Brady Hoke has pretty much been on a honeymoon with Michigan fan since he uttered the words “this is Michigan fergodsakes.”  Yeah, it was adorable and the Maize & Blue faithful ate it up, but that is changing?

Brady isn’t on the hot seat, but he is facing his first adversity since his arrival.

Yesterday, ESPN Columnist Jason Whitlock wrote that Brady Hoke’s trouble stemmed from him “building a very un-Bradylike team.”  Whitlock wrote this in his column:

This Michigan team is soft and has low character. It does not reflect the values that have defined Hoke throughout his head-coaching career. The Michigan State train wreck was predictable. Every flaw on this Wolverines team was laid bare in East Lansing. Michigan State’s strengths (high character and toughness) are Michigan’s weaknesses. Hoke’s team was beaten by his mirror coaching image, Mark Dantonio, who took a bunch of three-star grinders with chips on their shoulders and demolished Hoke’s collection of recruiting all-stars.

Brady Hoke, lost in the riches of Michigan, has momentarily lost who he is.

I think he may be onto something.

Yes, Lewan is a hot-head, but he is also known as a HUGE advocate and mentor for the younger offensive lineman.   He was recruited bu Rich Rodriguez and has been a handful since he arrived in Ann Arbor.  I don’t see Lewan as an issue.

BUT, maybe Brady is a bit “5 star struck.”  It is obvious that Derrick Green isn’t ready for this level or he would be playing over Fitz Toussaint.  Fitz hasn’t done much this year, however, there is nothing keeping Green off the field except himself.  He showed up out of shape and got injured early in fall camp.  The kid isn’t as advertised at this point in his career.  He needs to make himself a better player and stop whining (if it is true) about playing time.

Today, Ace Williams wrote that up to 7 Michigan players are considering a transfer?  I don’t know anything about Ace Williams and think most of the article is BS, but I have heard some of the same rumors.  I think, like anything, there is a shred of truth in his article and I think there is an interesting relationship between the Whitlock piece.

From the Ace Williams Column:

The source has told me that although the players in question love head coach Brady Hoke and in general they love Michigan, there is a consensus among the players that they were misled during the recruiting process regarding several key points, many of which were the ones that led them to choosing Michigan over a bevy of high-profile programs who courted them.

After reading Ace’s piece, it sure appears to validate Whitlock’s assertions that the kids Brady brought in are “soft and entitled.”  After all, the whole bunch is complaining about playing time and scheme and how much they love what Urban Meyer is doing at OSU.  Isn’t the first sign of low character the mindset to “cut and run” at the first sign of adversity?  Maybe Whitlock got it right, all the evidence so far suggests he nailed it.

I’m not sure where this leads, but I am told by sources that “Michigan never promises recruits anything.”  I am fairly certain there will be a couple of transfers, I’m guessing Richardson and Charlton, but I don’t see a mass exodus.  These kids would have run into the same issues with any “power” and I’m sure they will see that or transfer to a lesser school to get playing time.  If you want to compete at the highest level, there will be competition.

Losing a few players who aren’t living up to expectations could give Brady the first couple of steps in the right direction, building a “Brady-like” team.


Frank Beckmann Forced Out As Play-By-Play Voice Of Michigan Football

Make no mistake, Frank Beckmann was fired as the voice of Michigan Football.  If he was truly retiring, he wouldn’t have recently resigned a contract extension with WJR.

His termination is in response to his “fried chicken” column that appeared in the Detroit News.

After the column was written Brady Hoke wanted Beckmann out because he feared that Urban Meyer would use the column against him on the recruiting trail.

There were also many regents at Michigan who wanted Beckmann out!  Michigan doesn’t want a play-by-play announcer with a political slant.