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Florida Recruit Tell Urban Meyer, NO! Hilarity ensues!

Funny story from the Freep this AM.


Was it because he used to coach rival Florida?

Offensive tackle Kyle McDermott — a prize recruit and lifelong fan of nearby Miami — sure seemed to get a kick out of telling Ohio State’s Urban Meyer no thanks when asked to reconsider his 2014 commitment to the Hurricanes.

“The Urban Meyer thing was just funny to me,” McDermott told Bleacher Report. “He came to my school a week after I told his assistant that I wasn’t even interested in them. I told him no to his face, and it’s got to be one of the top-five reactions of someone ever. His facial expression was just so funny. My coach was tearing up and had to go in his office to laugh.”

McDermott said it was “more like the state of shock where the guy has literally never been told no in his life. It literally looked like a kid the first time you tell him, ‘No, you can’t do something.’ It looked like he was a baby about to cry. It was so funny.”

I’m guessing the buckeye’s didn’t want him anyway!