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What’s Next For Matt Dery?

DeryI’m getting conflicting stories on what happened to Matt Dery and where he is heading. Some  sources tell me they he has a job lined up already and some say he doesn’t, I have no clue….although I’d like to think he would call me as a member of his network…..if he was looking for work.

Matt isn’t talking so I’ll do my best to tell you what I think is happening.

In my estimation, Matt just got tired of his job at WXYT, he’s been doing it a long time and everybody has a burn factor.

He’s a talented broadcasters and won’t have trouble getting a gig, but I think he’s going to wait a while and try to land a gig that is “a career” and not a job.  He’s long coveted an NBA or college play-by-play position, but there are only so many available and the timing hasn’t worked out for him thus far.

As for him programming the new 105.1 in Detroit, I guess it’s possible but if memory serves me, Matt didn’t really like being “management.”  I could be mistaken, but that is my recollection.

I don’t know Matt’s situation, or what his “emergency fund” looks like, but I’m suspecting he is waiting for a play-by-play gig or at the very least a job that provides him an actual future in the business.  I’m of the opinion the job at WXYT was dead end for him.