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Sparty Is Coming Unglued About Michigan In The Final 4!

Last night, following Michigan’s win over Florida, I noticed something happening on social media.  It’s  not unexpected, but it was unusually nasty.  Michigan State fans are coming unhinged because Michigan has made it to the Final Four.

Not only were Sparty fans pissed and coming unglued, but a so called “objective journalists” like Pat Caputo and former players like Jason Richardson even got in the act.

Caputo 2





Caputo 2







Say what you want about the rivalry, but this behavior is uniquely Sparty.  They hate the “insecure” insult but they perpetuate it at every turn, they cannot seem to ignore Michigan.  The MSU attitude is pathetic, I get it, but the fact that they can’t disengage with Michigan fans is weird.  Even with a solid program in Spartyville, they are still more concerned with what is happening in Ann Arbor. It is years of being treated as a step-child, I understand, but why not just take your beating and go home?  Why make is about your most hated rival?  Why give Michigan the satisfaction?

Sparty had to know this day was coming, Beliein is a winner, he has won everywhere he’s coached.  In addition, Michigan has a new, dynamic AD who sees the value in improving the basketball facilities and investing in the program.  It is no secret that Izzo made huge progress while Michigan was in the crapper, those days are over for Sparty, the program is healthy in A2 and that means Izzo will likely have to take a back seat again to Michigan.  Face it, all things being equal….Michigan win’s the state school battle every time.

As this happens, expect more and more hated from East Lansing directed at any and all who are fans of the Maize and Blue.