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(Video) Shane Morris Imitates MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio

This is going to send Sparty into a tizzy.  Michigan QB commit Shane Morris imitated MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio on video.  He wasn’t disrespectful, but you can bet he’s now public enemy #1 in Spartyville.


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Open season on Rich Rodriguez!

Image of Rich Rodriguez from FacebookImage of Rich Rodriguez

I just came across this scathing article by Jay Mariotti regarding “practice-gate” at The University of Michigan.  As I read the column I began asking questions.

Is Michigan really in “crisis?”  Uh, no.  While Rich Rod may have fractured a rule or two, I don’t see the NCAA blasting Michigan football for practicing too much.  It just isn’t sexy enough to throw the all-time winningest program in college football history under the bus.  It may be embarrassing for some but really, this isn’t about too much practice, it is about too little WINS!  Jesus, Ohio State didn’t even get sanctioned when Mo Cletus (Clarrett) got cars and money from boosters.

Why is Rich Rod hated by some MIchigan fans?  A 3-9 season aside, really, why is there so much contempt for Rich Rodriguez?...

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